Improved heat dissipation for high current components

Vapour phase soldering with vacuum technology

Unlike most SMD soldering machines our vacuum vapour phase machine has a closed process chamber. This means we already produce a vacuum before the soldering process as well as during soldering. The advantages: Fewer gas pockets, non-porous solder joints and void ratios below 2%. The transition resistance of the soldered joint is reduced significantly and heat can be dissipated even better during operation.

left picture: Void before | right picture: Void with vacuum

Automated selective soldering

We are also able to precisely manufacture modules, which require a double-sided SMT assembly and need an additional wire assembly (THT).
The entire process is programmed specifically to the product and can be reproduced quickly and flexibly for each module.

Wave soldering for sophisticated
printed circuit board designs

Our wave soldering process is ideal for modern designs with a lot of material mass. Printed circuit boards with a lot of mass or massive components are optimally processed thanks to the long process line with bottom and top side heating.

A temperature controlled convection cooling module cools down your components after soldering and improves the metallurgical structure of the soldered joints.

Quality at its finest:

X-raying with computer tomography

With the help of high resolution, digital x-ray machines we control the quality of your modules. We evaluate soldered joints and can influence the process parameters of our soldering machines. We precisely examine modules of even the smallest components and compact designs.

Soldering of a ball grid array (BGA) including bond wires: Ø 100th of a human hair


Coating by painting experts

Our painting experts provide layer thicknesses more accurately than any machine and an edge accuracy of under 1 millimetre. We offer all procedures from sealing to protection and thick coating, in order to extend the life span of your electronic modules and their areas of application. Additionally, a spray painting robot is available.


Overview of all services:

SMT assembly (Surface Mounting Technology)

THT assembly (Through Hole Technology)

Coating / ruggedising

Depanelling, test and assembly

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