Digital management and traceability of your components

We record and digitise all incoming shipments with the help of our incoming goods scanner. All components, their shipping documents and labels are documented in our ERP and traceability system. Each package is marked with a unique serial number, which we assign to the respective delivery. In this way we are able to trace all orders and components, even after assembly, from the incoming goods to the purchasing order right back to the supplier.

An x-ray machine checks the quantities of all component supplies

Reliable control

With a digital x-ray machine we examine the exact number of SMD components supplied. We can even uncover faults or counterfeits by means of x-ray examinations. Thus, it can be verified that only high-quality materials make it into your process chain.

Software controlled incoming and outgoing warehouse

With our automatic storage system we commission your orders swiftly and safely. A few minutes before assembly, our machines always independently request the exact components needed from the warehouse for your module. This reduces idle time and error rates to a minimum and increases productivity particularly in peak periods.

ETL is one of the few E²MS service providers with an automatic storage system

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